UV Light and the Battle Against COVID-19

UV Light Sanitization

UV Light and the Battle Against COVID-19

As COVID-19 spread across the country, every industry sought out any effective method for surface disinfection. While the demand for hand sanitizers has risen remarkably, another tool has come to the forefront…one which originates from the center of our solar system. 

Influence From the Sun

Ultraviolet (UV) light — specifically UV-C (also known as germicidal UV-C) — is rapidly becoming a reliable source of disinfection in protecting people from SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. David Brenner, a Colombian scientist, describes UV-C as a potentially game-changing technology. UV light and its ability to disinfect is not a new idea. Scientists have been using UV light technology to contribute to the purification of air and water for decades. 

Check out this video on how UV-C can inactivate pathogens.

A Design of Our Own

While UV-C is the most powerful of the UV light emitted by the sun, it’s man-made UV-C that is employed to kill viruses like SARS-CoV-2. The effectiveness of UV-C sanitization lies in its highly touted kill rates. In approximately 25 minutes, coronavirus pathogens are 99.9% inactivation. With high success rates, UV-C technology is commonly used in places, including hospitals, medical labs, senior care centers, fire and police stations, airports, restaurants, schools, government buildings, office buildings, and hotels. 

So, how can UV lighting be effectively applied in your building?

Applying the Technology

There are two primary types of UV sanitization applications: air and surfaces. Air sanitation lamps are either installed within HVAC equipment itself or installed in upper room fixtures. For surface sanitation, each location is specific to design is evaluated individually. UV light is most effective on flat surfaces like counters, elevator walls, shelving, etc. Additionally, utilizing surface applications can help inactivate viruses before they reach HVAC ductwork. Pairing the two can greatly diminish the spread of COVID-19 within a given space.

Because UV-C light is the most powerful on the UV spectrum, prolonged direct contact with building occupants should be avoided. Hey, it’s still the power of the sun we’re talking about — even if it’s man-made technology. 

Our Part to Play

UV light technology value is contingent on your facility’s design, the number of daily occupants, and your goals as an owner. Though we’ve come a long way from March of 2020, considering UV light as an additional safeguard from the spread of COVID-19 offers a bevy of benefits. If you’re considering a safety upgrade to your HVAC system or installing an entirely new system, contact us for help with ductwork designs. When it comes to safety, say YES to Yagla Engineering Services.


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