2020: A Year In Review

Year in Review

2020: A Year In Review

Whew… what a year 2020 has been.

First, I want to take the time to say that my heart goes out to everyone that fell on unfortunate times. And I urge those that have managed to stay safe to be thankful for health and wellness. Please continue to do so.

Like so many others, we experienced a setback in our operations after the shutdown. Fortunately, we were able to maintain a healthy enough workload to keep us moving forward. Not only were we lucky enough to keep our current client base, but we actually managed to attract and retain several awesome new clients as well.

Throughout the pandemic, I have seen a few friends and family personally affected by the virus. Thankfully, each and every one of them was able to fully recover and are healthy to this day. For that, I am grateful. The team here at Yagla Engineering Service has also been able to stay in good health as well. For that, I am relieved.

Although 2020 was a year of hardship, I believe it provided us the opportunity to fight through adversity and become stronger as individuals as well as an entire nation. So let us continue to come together – socially distanced, of course – and kick-off 2021 with strength, resilience, and the goal of becoming the best version of ourselves.

From us to you, have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season filled with love and friendship.

We’ll see you in 2021!

Tina B. Yagla, P.E., LEED AP, QCxP
Yagla Engineering Services, Inc.


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