HVAC Technology

We are living in the future.

Remember the days when we’d dream about the future. We’d marvel at the thought of flying cars, telephone watches, video phones, robot housekeepers, and homes we could talk to. Well, the future is now, except the flying cars. One can still dream. We now have more computing power in our smartphones than most consumer computers from even 5 years ago. You can program your Roomba to clean, your house lights to come on, and your favorite music to play at any time you want. While it seems that only tech has been getting all the bells and whistles lately, mechanical engineering is getting its own upgrades especially in the HVAC department.

A recent article from The ACHR News written by Ludovic Rembert discussed how Elon Musk, tech entrepreneur and the brains behind Tesla electric cars, wants to reinvent smart HVAC systems for homes based on the technology behind the new Tesla Model Y SUV. Plus, the onset of COVID-19 has everyone rethinking their heating and cooling systems to maximize safety and sustainability.

Rembert notes that current smart HVAC systems are already in place to make sure the home is at optimal levels, Tesla believes that humidity and particle control is something important as well. Especially since parts of the country differ vastly in heat and humidity levels.

“Tesla has already gained considerable experience when it comes to air management. For instance, Tesla’s Model X SUV (launched in 2015) came with a bioweapon defense mode, used with great success during the 2019 California wildfires. This defense mode can filter the air from outside for circulation inside the vehicle.”

Ideally, the two smart HVAC systems (home and car), would be able to communicate to make sure all parameters of comfort are ideal for the consumer as they are heading home. Musk and Tesla’s engineers are making incredible strides in environmental cleanliness, sustainability, and comfort. We no longer have to dream about the future, we are living it.


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